What Type of Promotional Materials Should I Order?

What Type of Promotional Materials Should I Order?

You have decided that you want to give out some promotional materials.  You pick some cool items that you like and put your logo on it. That is all, you’re done, Right?   Well, you want to make sure that the materials that you are going to be giving away are useful to your customers or potential customers.  You want to receive a ROI (return on investment). The best way to facilitate your ROI is to have a clear idea of the people you will be giving your promotional materials to:  What do they do?    Will they be looking for your services?    Are they decision makers when it comes to purchasing your product or services?   Knowing these answers will help you effectively identify what types of promotional materials you will be using.

There is no doubt that promotional items can be key in driving repeat and new business to your company.  The true skill is the ability to effectively identify what items are the right items for your needs. With everything that is out there how do you decide on what you want?  A great way is to have an Idea Library. This is a folder where you keep pictures of items that you have seen other businesses use. Focus also on the potential customer.  What we might think is cool might not be something that your potential customers want or will use. Also, when developing promotional materials remember that the longer an item can be used by the potential customer the better. You want to keep your name in front of your potential customers as much as possible.

Here is a list of some DO’s for developing your promotional materials:

DO look at trends with among other businesses or acts similar to yours.

DO keep an idea library as an easy reference when brainstorming new promotional materials.

DO pay for quality promotional materials.  There are a lot of promotional companies out there.  Make sure that you use a company uses quality materials that are budget friendly. Someone you can have a relationship with is key as they won’t sell you just anything to make a buck.

DO know who you are marketing to…ex. Doctor’s, students, fans, athletes, etc.

DO develop a strategy for how and where you are going to be handing out these materials.

Trade Shows


Customer Appreciation

Concert promotional events

Following these guidelines will enable you to have fun while developing the promotional materials that will set you apart from your competition.