Photo Archiving

Photos are memories that have a rich and personal meaning and are very unique. If they are lost or damaged, the information they provide can never be replaced. Why not have them scanned and archived onto a disc or hard drive.

Photo size and formats:

  • 2 x 3″ up to 8 x 10″
  • Smaller then 2 x 3″
  • Larger then 2 x 3″
  • 8 x 10″ Custom Photo Production
  • Slide Archiving
  • Odd Sized Slides
  • Medium Format Slide Scan

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– Phil Murphy – Bangarang


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2×3″ up to 8×10″

Smaller then 2×3″

Larger then 2×3″

8×10″ Custom Photo Production

Photos will be scanned and put to music of your choice with motion and special effects.

Slide Archiving

Slides scanned @ 200DPI (35mm, 126mm & 110mm in a 2×2″ mount).

Odd Sized Slides

Scanned @ 200DPI. Slide with mounts larger or smaller than 2×2″ (Stereo slides, glass mounts), 1×1″, 110mm, 127mm large format slide in 2×2″ mount

Medium Format Slide Scan

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