What Guerrilla Marketing is and How to Design an Effective Campaign

What Guerrilla Marketing is and How to Design an Effective  Campaign

Guerrilla Marketing stands out because it offers experiences that are so different, out of the ordinary and memorable that prospective buyers are left in awe of the campaign and willing to make purchases.  The major keys of effective Guerrilla marketing campaigns are the use of imagination, innovation, and not just money.  The goals of such campaigns are

  • Developing or increasing brand recall
  • Developing new selling positioning
  • Increasing company profits

Guerrilla marketing is highly effective because they do not stick to the confines of typical marketing.  The only purpose of Guerrilla marketing is to surprise and intrigue the buyers. It focuses on eliciting emotions from the targeted audiences.  It nets you direct offline exposure via foot traffic that can be targeted as the location you choose, the more people the campaign reaches the more it will generate responses and encourage word of mouth publicity from those who have seen the campaigns. With Guerrilla marketing is not just about shock value it is also must be consistent. The difference between Guerrilla marketing and traditional marketing is the way that the messages are developed and how audiences perceive the campaign.  It can be a series of campaigns that all combine into one and build on each other.

If you are a start up company  do not be afraid of Guerrilla marketing.  The one positive of being a start up is that you are not as well known in your field as the key players and if the campaign is not that successful a lot of people will not know but if it is done and successful it has the potential to launch the company into the national spotlight. The same goes for musicians, the internet and social media is overwhelmed with ads that it is refreshing to be handed something, makes it more personal.  One of the best-known Guerrilla marketing campaigns was Cartoon Network’s 2007 Threat Level Aqua campaign.  This campaign not only brought high profile attention to the network’s new season of “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” but also got the attention of the National Security Offices. 

While going to this extent is something that few do this is the perfect example to show that with a little creativity anything is possible with a Guerrilla marketing campaign for your product or service.  When developing the campaign have a clear idea of your goal, location is always key so consider a heavy foot traffic area,  don’t annoy people or break the law, remember that consistency is key, identify ROI (remember Return on Investment), be sure to use it to compliment your online marketing and vice versa.

Some key guerrilla marketing items are as follows;

Door Hangers




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