Making A Great First Impression With A “Leave Behind”

Making A Great First Impression With A “Leave Behind”

Making a great first impression on a potential customer is key to creating a fruitful relationship. You want to quickly show business value and help them understand and remember what you do best. That way, when they need the products or services you provide, they know exactly who to call. Arming your sales team with creative leave behinds is a great way to do this. It will get customers familiar with your business and help them remember who to call.

What are Leave Behinds?
Leave behind marketing materials are print or promotional products that you hand out or leave with a prospective buyer. These materials are great for sales call, trade shows, conferences, and meetings.  Anything you feel a buyer would want to know about your services and/or products you have.

Top 5 Leave Behinds
Business Cards
Business cards are effective and simple. They’re great for passing along your contact information to other people and one of the most common leave behinds. When developing business cards make sure your’s stand out from the other’s or otherwise they will get mixed with others.  It is great to be creative by choosing different paper options or a unique size, be sure  they include your sales team contact information  and your logo.

Brochures are popular low-cost ways to inform customers of your products and services.  An eye catching design can contain all the information in a small format. They are extremely versatile and popular formats. You can always get funky and again choose different folding options along with a various types of paper.

Everyone has at least two calendars. One on our electronic devices and one hanging in our office. Each year we replace the old with the new in an office tradition which makes printed calendars very popular and are a great option to produce as leave behind.  Month after month your brand will be featured in front of them on a daily basis. There are endless options for themes and images to be contained in calendars.  Many customers may even come to look forward to your calendar every year!

Notepads and Sticky Notes
They should include your company logo and contact information. With so many people using paper for notes, these are very effective as leave behinds. They’re often given to clients who are then reminded of you every time they make a written note.  A thick enough notepad ensures your name stays in front of your prospects throughout the year.

Another common and time-tested option for leave behinds is company letterhead. Make sure that you have stationary with your letterhead on it. Printing personalized letters are great way to send custom messages and make personal connections with current and potential customers.

I hope this helps you on your journey to making a great first impression with your potential customer.