Holiday Cards and Calendars are Great to Start in the Summer

Holiday Cards and Calendars are Great to Start in the Summer

I know during this balmy weather the last thing on anyone’s mind are the Holidays but this is the perfect time to think about it. The Holidays are supposed to be when we spend time with family, reflecting on the past year, and expressing our gratitude for the blessings we have received throughout, not only the past 12 months, but throughout our lives.  Instead, for many of us, the holidays become a time of trying to find the perfect item to give as gifts, cook the perfect meal, have our house be the best looking house on the block, and a veritable potpourri of other stressors that keep in running from the first week in November until January 2nd.

What if the last thing you had to worry about during that time was your Holiday cards and/or calendars?  You want them to be branded, personalized and to stand out among all the other cards that are sent out. Why not get them done now instead of waiting until November?  There are three benefits of designing your cards or calendars now.

  1. You will have the time now to get the materials needed.  Not only can you make sure that the photos you have are exactly how you want them but you will have time to find that one you swore was in the guest room on the dresser that has sprouted legs and moved.
  2. The printer you use will not have a lot of other Holiday projects on their calendar so there is less likely of mistakes, wrong shipments, or extremely inflated rush pricing.
  3. You not only can address and stamp you cards and store them until they are ready to go so that they are seen as soon as you start to decorate.

By doing this you alleviate on bugs stressor of the holidays and can spend that time enjoying a cup of tea or coffee while reflecting on all the things that have brought you Joy in the last year.