Who Qualifies

Medicare is the federal health insurance program for people 65 or older, younger people with disabilities and people with End Stage Renal Disease.

Medicare Parts A and B cover 80% of medical costs and do not cover prescription drugs.

How do I fill the gaps? Three options:

  • Medicare Supplemental Plans: A-N
  • Medicare Advantage Plans: Bundle additional benefits such as prescription, vision and dental coverage.
  • Stand-A-Lone Drug/Rx Cards

We are here to help

We show you exactly what needs to be done, how to pick a plan and make things simple. You can set-up a meeting (face to face or virtual) or a phone call with us, find out more about Medicare insurance, and explore your Medicare options.

Every situation is unique. Getting this right is Important because there can be lifetime penalties! We are independent advisors and can evaluate all of the Medicare plans and select the most competitive insurance companies with the BEST prices. We have no sales quotas, no proprietary products and no hidden agendas


Hospital Insurance

Part A is one of two parts that make up OriginalMedicare. Part A helps cover inpatient care in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, hospice care, and some home health care. There is a Part A annual deductible $1484.

Medical Insurance

Part B is the second half of Original Medicare. Part B helps cover certain services from doctors and other health-care providers, outpatient care, home health care, durable medical equipment, and some preventive services. There is a Part B deductible. The annual deductible is $203.

Part B Cost: $148.50/mo

Medicare Advantage

Part C covers all Part A and Part B benefits and services; may offer additional coverage, like vision, hearing, and dental; and may also include Medicare prescription drug coverage. Medicare Advantage plans are offered through Medicare-approved insurance companies. You will find a number of options that may vary based on the county in which you live.

Prescription Drug Coverage

Like Part C, Part D is run by Medicare-approved, private insurance companies. Part D helps cover the cost of prescription drugs, and may help lower prescription drug costs and protect against future price increases.

Medicare Supplement

Also referred to as Medigap. Plans are standardized into eight plan options denoted by a letter. Plans A – N (offered through private insurance carriers). Plans G&N are the most popular.

Each letter plan is standardized by Medicare. This means that the benefits you will receive for a particular “letter” plan will have the EXACT same coverage no matter which company you purchase the plan from. Cost however will vary greatly between various companies. Why pay more? We shop the best rates for the zip code where you live.


The plans we offer are bundled plans that cover all three. Very comprehensive in coverage, open networks that include a lot of dentists.